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Come and enjoy a relaxing and vibrant atmosphere in one of Tampa Bay's premiere hookah lounges. When you smoke a hookah at our lounge, you can have a good time in a serene environment where you can simmer down with friends and just let loose.

Hookah teaches you patience and tolerance, and gives you an appreciation of good company. Hookah (Shisha) is a single or multi hose water pipe (with a glass base) used for smoking flavored hookah tobacco. The glass base is filled with cold water. The tobacco is placed in a bowl covered with aluminum foil on top of the hookah. A coal is placed on top the bowl to burn the tobacco.

Using the hose, the hookah smoker pulls smoke from the burning tobacco through the body of the device (the stem) into the cold water. The water cools down the warm smoke and the user can have a smooth and relaxing smoking experience.


A Cool Lounge To Relax and Smoke In.

A Huge Variety of Flavors From Various Distributors

Free Wireless Internet Access in Our Cafe.

A Large Selection of Drinks, Including Fresh Juices Soft Drinks, Tea, and Coffee.

Authentic and Delicious Arabic Desserts

Ability to Host Private Parties.

Broadcasting Major Sports Events on Several HD Televisions.

Wholesale Hookahs and Tobacco

A Customer-Friendly Staff!

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